Tuesday, March 24, 2009

a breakthrough

finally! a link to my blog from my main website. check it out! you can CLICK HERE too.

it's amazing when people get together and start making things happen. my friend dave aujero came by to visit after his 10 month sabbatical in peru. who knew he would be the one to solve my website dilemma... a link to navigate to this here blog. it was a win-win situation. he got to dust off his interactive media making skills, get some motivation to start his future website and i got a link :)

this website making stuff started in '06 and has been a hair pulling process for me. i wanted to create it on my own to save money and be self-reliant. i got as far as having a flash template to showcase my portfolio but nothing to connect it to my blog. two years later i broke down and bought services through bludomain because their templates allowed this. that was a total bust. bludomain has done fantastic work with other sites but not for mine. they didn't even render the services i purchased last year in october. i'm still waiting for a response back and a refund.

the good news is that after today's breakthrough with my website the sky's the limit!

thanks dave. (his website coming soon!)

oh and i got this uncanny horoscope that compliments the endeavors of the day: SEEING THOUGHT THROUGH

Friday, March 20, 2009

an aspiring model

congrats to jessica for getting a magazine gig! she's 14 years old with lots of potential. i did a shoot with her back in november to help with her portfolio. she worked with a previous photographer who gave her lots of direction whereas i did the opposite.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Asa's 1st Life Anniversary

what would make your 1st birthday celebration complete but to demolish your entire birthday cake! i was happy to take part in documenting this lil nugget's life anniversary.

and what could top demolishing your entire birhday cake but jello pudding painting! i don't think he quite figured out that he could eat the jello. Asa seemed more intrigued with squishing the jello inbetween his fingers.

the adults had a lil fun with the painting too! poor Asa had no clue what he was in for.

and what better way to end your celebration with bang than with a money shot! and yes, his mom gave me permission to post the last pic.