Sunday, May 31, 2009

Friday, May 29, 2009

the conguero

the same day i went to the ECB event i spot this guy sittin' there jammin' on his congas in the parking lot.

me: "so, what brings you here?"

conguero: "just fillin' the air with music."

free your spirit. it'll feel good.

the conguero, Jeff Dunbar, can be heard playing his congas in random parts of Hampton Roads.

this post has been brought to you by the message of "do you."

East Coast Breakers: Breakin' Bread

this event was put together out of love and respect for breakin'. it was a reunion for old skool kats and a gathering for any and all to be part of the cipher. what i love about events like these is the sense of community it brings.

dj + break beats = beware the breaker

to me, the b-boy/b-girl is an artist that uses their own body as a medium to creatively express themselves.

they defy the laws of gravity. rebels of the dance floor. making lines and fluid movement with their bodies. it moves me as well. to capture that precise moment when the breaker hits the climax of their move and freeze it in a photo.

check out more photos ==> HERE

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

a favor for a friend

makes me wanna work out just looking at these.

Monday, May 11, 2009

young audiences: arts for learning

my good friend diisha sent me an invite to check out "Young Audiences of Virginia Digital Photography Workshop, 2009: People, Places, and Things." it was an exhibition of photographs by fifteen talented art students from W. E. Waters Middle School where she teaches.

dii asking the students questions about their work... always the teacher.

the exhibition was at the Visual Arts Center in Olde Towne Portsmouth. i found out my favorite photography instructor from VAC, tom siegmund, assisted in the young audiences workshop.

i was very happy to know that workshops like this existed. these student got to learn how to use dslr's, studio lighting equipment and all sorts of digital darkroom goodies in photoshop. i imagined if i had been able to participate in a program like this when i was their age what would i be doing now. i really can't say what would've been but i know what i want to do. future endeavors definitely include promoting, supporting and creating events like this in my local community. stay tuned...

Friday, May 01, 2009

renewal art show 2009: highlights

the night of the show i was overwhelmed in a whirlwind of excitement. the warehouse was packed within 10 minutes after i arrived there. the turnout was awesome. i saw so many people i hadn't seen in a minute. i was all over the place! unfortunately, i didn't get to take as many pics of the show as i wanted since it got hot and stuffy quick. you can check out my fb album posting for more. here are a few to highlight the evening:

my entry: "Genesisters" Series

it was marco's first art show. he approached me and wasn't sure if he was allowed to ask me questions about my work. he explained that he didn't know "art etiquete" and didn't want to be rude. i thought that was cute.

40 local artists were showcased.

pickleman made a cameo that night too!

a hug, a kiss and a big "THANK YOU!" goes out to everyone that showed their love and support.

"p.s. - we put your pics up on our site"

my client emailed me the other day to let me know the engagement pics i took have been posted to their wedding site. sweet!