Saturday, June 13, 2009

bath time

pixel and adobi looooooove bath time. can't you tell?

a restoration

many moons ago my uncle handed me this photo he had been carrying in his wallet. in the image is my maternal grandmother, my mom and four of my uncles.(four more siblings were born since this photo). the size of the print is about 2 x 3 and has been trapped in between clear laminate paper. unfortunately, damage due to age and all sorts of wear and tear from being in a wallet for decades has occurred.

i misplaced this photo since he showed it to me over 10 years ago and it wasn't until recent that i found it. perfect timing. i'm leaving for the philippines in about 7 hours to attend a family reunion and celebrate my grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary. i decided to restore the photo as best i could and give it as a gift.

i did the best i could in the short amount of time i had. it's tedious work. most likely i'll work on it again but it'll do for now. it'll be such a surprise. especially for my uncle who kept buggin me about where his photo was all this time.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

a tribute to scout

scout, officially named sir scout mcnasty poopenstein, died on may, 30, 2009 at the age of 3.9 years.

he was a champion breed min pin. he was also a bad boy, a rebel with a cause, and a houdini master escape artist.

he hated laying down on floors without carpet.

he loved to eat brisket and organic eggs and his favorite hump toy was a large stuffed panda bear. he loved him some big booty.

he looked good... and he knew it.

he will live on in the stories we tell of him.

"you big stinker, we love you so much. hope that you can finally just run, run, run and find a lady friend like ms. panda. our hearts have been fractured but you will remain there always. see you in the next lifetimes together as always. thank you for all the love and joy you have taught us.

M, M, M and all of us"
- elle

p.s. thanks for letting me take pictures of you, scout.
we will cherish them. -neleh

Monday, June 01, 2009

last friday: free write cipher session

i hosted an event called "last friday" which was held on the last friday in may. it was inspired by my belief that "the third place" is endangered. it's a whole blog post for another time. anywho...

if you've ever been to a "first friday" event, then you know that it's about appreciating and celebrating creations by local artists. so one day i thought,why not gather to create together instead? hence the birth of "last friday." every last friday of the month (or close to it), i plan on inviting a small group of friends to participate. we may write, we may draw and we may even put on a puppet show. it'll be good times.

this is what we did for our first meet up:

free write instructions part one: in two minutes list "things you like to do when you're not at work."

i noticed that our lists seemed to reveal an order of priority or what seemed to consume our thoughts the most. i openly admitted to listing "facebook" first. several of us listed "sleeping."

free write instructions part two: pick one item from your list to use as a writing topic. in 8 minutes write in a stream-of-consciousness style. do not stop moving your pen. write whatever comes to mind even if off topic. don't worry about grammar or spelling. if you can not think of anything to write, then doodle and squiggle until you do. the point is to keep the pen moving. everyone shares their freewrite around the room.

we shared. we laughed. someone cried. i got teary. we appreciated one another. we created together.