Monday, May 31, 2010

Last Tuesdays: 5-25-10

let me introduce you to an ambitious and talented friend of mine, marco. he started hosting "last tuesdays" and "lynnhaven underground" to help promote local musicians, spoken word artists and other creative individuals. for me, this was the beginning of documenting such talent.

just in case marco should run for congress. haha.

steph love spits fiyaaaah with some spoken word.

marco rocks out with J Pharaoh & the Manhattan Project.

Rina singing sweetly.

K Scott blesses the mic.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Benny Hafla

A friend of mine is taking belly dancing classes at the Hipnotic World Dance Center. She sent me an invitation to an awesome event:

The Benny Hafla: Where You Can Let It All Hang Out!

Comedic Belly Dance Variety Show - Never been seen avant-garde acts, risque humor and seriously good dancing!

Bring your sense of humor, your wackiest skits and costumes. Leave the kids at home and come out to Hipnotic World Dance Center.

May 29th 8-10pm

i had the privilege to be the only one to take photos. due to the adult content of the show, i am limited to what i can post. hehehe. low lighting no flash action shots was the challenge of this event.

Mab was the emcee for the evening and man can she host a show! she does performances up in the DC and MD area. click on her name for more info.

good times.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

art | everywhere

i was really excited to hear about the art initiative event in norfolk called art | everywhere. what better way to fill up empty store front windows and bring foot traffic to the downtown area than with local art work and other fun stuff like free mini cupcakes!

just cupcakes was one of many businesses that supported the cause.

a latte cafe provided a venue for musicians to perform. these ladies did a reunion duet cover of 4 non blondes' "what's up". they totally rocked it!

right outside the cafe the ladies of 7 city crafters created this awesome exhibit. it was a cityscape of little handmade treasures.

"this next song we would like to dedicate to.... (looks out to people passing by) hot photographer chic!" haha! these guys cracked me up.

like magic.

pretty cool to see colorful work and techniques used.

there was even live art going on.

i left a bread crumb of sorts. hehehe. the sign did say "draw here."

are you thinking what i'm thinking? my collection of tabs has a new purpose...weeee! this guy also created the free photo booth stand.

i dig clotheslines.


this was just a glimpse of what went down opening night. if you happen to be in the downtown norfolk, va area check out granby street. the installations will be up til july 1st.