Saturday, May 18, 2013

quasi hiatus but not really

sooooo.... my main photography website needs a revamp and I've simply just been busy doing things like....

this past february, the adventures began for my 200 hour teacher training certification at atma bodha yoga studio. needless to say, i've been dedicating much of my time to personal practice and the certification. surprisingly, despite my even busier schedule and less time with dslr camera in hand, yoga has improved my photography by strenthening my body to hold for steadier shots, improving my flexibility to bend in certain ways to get shots when space and time is limited and making sure i'm breathing in a relaxed manner.
these days, if i'm not shooting a wedding or community event, i keep up with my photography using my handy dandy smartphone and documenting the amazing experiences i come across and upload them on instragram. follow me if you'd like: helenbackwards