Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tree Army

"First Landing is facing a crisis related to the destruction of the park's natural forested area due to prohibited off-trail use and the creation of cut-throughs, short-cuts, and unofficial trails.

Trails are specially designed to minimize impacts and erosion. Trails are routed to avoid particularly delicate natural areas. When hikers go "off-trail", ride bikes on hike-only trails, or create cut throughs, it can cause safety issues, damage the ecosystem, and cause other people to get disoriented." -Staci Martin
(excerpt from article posted HERE)

On Saturday, April 24th, volunteers from all ages came out to Virginia Beach to join the First Landing State Park Tree Army. Their mission was to plant new trees in the unofficial trails. By the time I heard about the event they had more than enough help so I contacted the volunteer coordinator and asked if I could volunteer to document the event. Photos of the event were needed for the American Forest Grant that aided in funding for supplies.

Despite the gloomy sky and intermittent rain showers, we all marched on to complete the mission.

In addition to planting new trees, the army also had to cover up the unofficial trails with branches, leaves and other plants to hinder people from hiking or riding through them again.

Dibbles were provided to aid in digging holes for the saplings.

After planting the saplings, blue painted popsicle sticks were placed next to them to prevent accidental harm.

It was awesome seeing over a hundred plus volunteers, especially the youth, come out on a Saturday morning to help rebuild our park.

According to the park guide I hiked along with, this one day event only covered maybe a third of the unofficial trails and they're hoping for another opportunity in the Fall. Also, they will need help watering the new trees that have been planted.

Volunteer opportunities are available at First Landing State Park. Click ===> HERE for more info.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bond FAYA Workshop:8-7-10

i was assigned to run workshop II. i couldn't help but play the role of historian for them as well.

Ray Obispo prepping for his workshop "No history,no self. Know history, know self"

sharing books pertaining to filipino american history.

sharing is caring... and carrying a kubing around in your hat is cool!

my turn! a free write workshop to learn more about self and to alleviate creative blocks.

shared one of my favorite quotes.

my buddy, Marco Mercado, doing his workshop on entrepreneurship. check him out at

marco teaching about balagtasan which is a form of "poetical jousting". i googled that and i kid you not that's what one of the links referred to it as. i like it.

a glimpse of a skit created by one of the youth groups.

a skit performed at the end of the event.

i'm glad i can be there for the youth.

Monday, April 19, 2010

abby & keith: eat. drink. be married.

abby & keith invited family and friends to attend their engagement party. as a surprise for their guests, they actually decided to get married that day. the newlyweds wanted everyone to just have fun and enjoy the day with delicious food, drinks and cornhole! their wedding was one of the most memorable i've ever been a part of.

Monday, April 12, 2010

What's the 411?

on sunday april 11th, marco hosted a fundraiser at our philippine cultural center. my mission was to organize an exhibit to showcase works of local artists at the event.

i was able to exhibit my "sampayan" series.

there was also a variety show featuring many talented youth from the community that sang, danced and performed spoken word and skits. the crowd was so diverse. it was exactly how marco envisioned it... all ages and all races.

the program closed with our local b-boys in a cipher and of course i couldn't help myself to some photo taking.

sometimes all it takes is natural stage presence to get the crowd going. hehehe.

support your local artists and talent!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Day #71: packaging

battery packaging is made from paper. recycle!

Day #70: save the landfills

by reducing the amount of trash in the landfill our unwanted items will have a second life. we're donating them to the disabled american veteran's foundation.

Day #69: cans

these cans will be reused and then recycled for an upcoming art project. stay tuned!