Monday, October 04, 2010


this is my maternal grandfather. this photo was taken last year in june.

instead of calling him grandfather or lolo (grandfather in tagalog) i call him tatay (tah-tie). it means father in tagalog but in my family even the grandkids call him that.

yesterday my uncle called and left me a message that tatay passed away. he didn't. it was miscommunication. i'm glad auntie called just right before i was going to post about it letting the world know how sad i was. so... yay! he's alive!

one of my favorite memories of my tatay goes like this....

i was young gal in my single digits. maybe 8 or so years old. he had just moved to the U.S. from the philippines.

tatay: "neleh, can you whistle and brush your teeth at the same time?"

me: "no tatay. you can't do that."

tatay: "yes. wanna see?"

we go to the bathroom. he takes his dentures out of his mouth and starts brushing them while whistling.

the man cracks me up til this day.

Friday, September 10, 2010

anne k

i had the pleasure this summer to do a portrait shoot of anne k, an awesome friend of mine. she's also a very talented photographer and graphic designer. she and i go way back. i used to model for her when she took photography courses many moons ago.

Day #80: to the blue bin

Day #79: reincarnated

Day #78: sun drying

since snow gloves soak up so much water when you wash them, i decided to hang them in my car in the sunlight heat instead of in the house.

Day #77: change collecting

i reused an empty lemonade powder mix container to collect my coin change. i also put stickers on the outside of it to make it look cooler.

Day #76: every little bit helps

recycle your paper scraps.

Day #75: remember to rinse

Day #74: remember to remove

Day #73: air drying

Day #72 crafty cutting

circles galore! think of the endless things you can make with paper toilet and towel rolls. i'll show you in another photo an art project that was made. stay tuned...

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Friday, September 03, 2010

the money penny

ms. money penny is about 80 years old in cat years. if she could talk, she would tell us what she really thought about the dogs living in the house.


our backyard neighbor.

he likes to bark.

hello kitty.

mao mao asked me to do a photo shoot of her one day and i complied.

treat yourself

one day i was at the grocery store and saw my favorite flowers in pots. so i treated myself and took one home with me. thank you, me.


i took this photo last fall. in a series of trees planted along a busy street near where i live, this was the only one that hadn't lost its leaves after a storm passed the day before. it stood oddly bright and brilliantly showing it's yellow in the sunlight. my best friend believes it's a sign from her beloved min pin, scout. scout died after being hit by oncoming traffic while running across the street to this very area.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

barrelman & fil-am friendship day

barrelman made an appearance at the annual filipino american friendship day held at red wing park in virginia beach.

customized hand painted hats by fernando hernandez

CEO of barrelman, marco mercado

Sunday, July 04, 2010

good people

dan tres hit me up and said he and the family were in town for 4th of july weekend. he is one friend that i admire and has been inspirational in learning, living and loving life passionately. i had the pleasure of meeting them at a friend's house for bbq. it was a perfect time to snap a photo of this beautiful family. i am thankful to know such good people.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Marie & Ronnie

here's a glimpse of the wedding book i created for marie and ronnie's wedding.

this couple was serious about having some fun on the dance floor at their wedding reception. they even did some ballroom which you seldom see young couples do these days.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Last Tuesdays: 6-29-10

marco, the host

angeline boyd

dj illusionz

j pharaoh and the manhattan project

the musical musings of k scott

Friday, June 25, 2010

Mink & Cheef's Electric Band

meet the members of mink and cheef's electric band.
from left to right: lizar, mink, cheef and DP

cheef hit me up one day to take promo photos of the band to have images ready for their new CD and website use. i set up shop at the famous hungus estates and the fellas showed up with a few different outfits. we all had a blast during the shoot.

view more photos on their website at:

if you're in the 757, you should definitely check out when they play. why? because they're your new favorite band!

... and you may just run into me taking photos of them at the shows :)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Tallwood High School Prom 2010

my cousin kristen also asked if i could take photos of her and her friends for their senior prom. seeing the couples all dressed up with corsages reminded me of my own prom and how excited i was to get all dolled up for the night.

i told this gal that i was going to take a photo of the back of her dress so she would remember how hot it looked on her.

thanks anne k. for helping out.

such adorable couples.